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French brands created in 1996 with the goal of high-quality clothing for babies and children. Obaibi is designed for babies aged 0 – 3 years and Okaïdi is designed for children aged 2 – 14 years.

Obaïbi strategy is directed towards developing according to the needs and interests of a growing children: act for kids!
The brand takes care of every stage of development of your baby with great love and attention.
Obaïbi does it by understanding all the basic needs of the child from birth to 3 years old with modern, practical and ergonomic products that are developed for babies and meant for their comfort and most active development.

Okaidi collections and values are adapted for any culture, creating connections between children all over the world. Okaidi creators always work on keeping up with the fashion trends making their products appealing with popular signed models, allowing each child to express their taste and individuality. Okaidi creates exclusive models with added value: durable and functional, fun and high-tech, eco-friendly and with guaranteed brand quality.

Okaïdi opened its first store in Uzbekistan in August 2014.

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